The day starts with a smile, or so I’ve been told.

 For those of you who know me know that I have another blog, its a fashion blog dedicated to Second Life fashion. Well this blog isn’t about that, this blog is all about the real life person behind Christa Thespian.  Yes there really is a person behind that pixel face on Second Life. I will try and update this blog as well as my other as much as I can but anyone that knows me knows that I’m terrible at keeping promises so we’ll see how this goes.

I decided to make a new blog and title it I am Supergirl (had to put the 1 in the domain name was taken by someone else…bastard!) because in my life I have been pushed and pulled in so many directions, and have been told so many things that I feel like Supergirl. It’s not fun and I just want it to STOP, but nope it never does and thus this blog comes in. I think after reading my forth coming posts that some of you may understand me a little better and give me a break if I get upset or angry with you.

Now moving on, my sister is really sick and she’s only 27. Even though we fight and have our differences I still love her and she’s my best friend in the world. I feel close to her and I love her very much and all I want is for her to get better and come home. For me being positive is no easy feat but I am doing my best and making sure to keep an open mind and pray that she comes home Saturday. I’m going to go visit her because I haven’t yet and I know she’s wondering why I haven’t come to see her yet, but truth be told I’m a little afraid to see her laying in a hospital bed sick. It’d scare me and make me think horrible things which I’m trying not to think but I just can’t help it.  Anyways I’ll see you all in my next post and I’ll try not to make them so length, some will be lengthy some will be fun so take head.

I love you all!

Theresa I. Ellis


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