I’m sick deal with it, I am!

Alright my readers I know I said I’d try to post as much as possible but I’ve just been really sick lately. I was diagnosis with pneumonia….again. Yes I say again because about three years ago I had pneumonia but it wasn’t as bad as it is now. The pneumonia I have is the same as my sister’s but mine seems to be a whole lot worse. Although it has come to my attention I should’ve been hospitalized because my oxygen level in my blood is not high enough which is the cause for my massive dizzy spells. The most horriblest part of all this is that I have to withdrawn from my classes, my doctor doesn’t want me to continue on with my classes because it puts too much stress on me and she doesn’t want me out in the cold which is what most of my field trips are, are out in the cold. I hate that I had to drop out of my classes but I had no choice, I wasn’t focusing in them and I was constantly trying to keep myself awake which is not good in the field I am.

Most of you know that I’m studying to be an interior designer so my classes are really important and I hate that I had to withdrawn but I wasn’t doing good in them anyways. My lighting class EVERY assignment I’ve gotten back has been an F which is not good and my bathroom design class I have to draw and when I’d draw my hand would shake which would prevent me from making a straight line. Also I’ve fallen behind in that class and this one assignment is like 3 weeks late so yeah. But since all this has happened it may or may not affect me getting my financial aid for next semester which is not good because my family is going through a rough time right now and I need my financial aid. Now I know your probably wondering what am I going to do when I’m better well that’s easy…FIND A FREAKING JOB! I need money and I need it really, really, really, really, bad. Well I guess that’s all I have to say goodnight everyone and try to stay healthy and not catch pneumonia like me.

XOXO Theresa


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