Time flies by when your NOT having fun!

Hi everyone, I know its been awhile since I last posted but I sort of had nothing to say, I stil kind of don’t but I should be updating this blog more so um yeah. So anyways there are two significant things about this date the 17th. 1. Two years ago my younger brother shipped his ass off to boot camp and 2. I joined a game called Second Life and its been no easy street in the past two years. But this blog is not about Second Life because I could probably go on and on and on AND ON AND ON! Lol!

Well what SHOULD I say hmmmm…….

Anyways the job front is still ridiculous I still have no job so no money to fix the breaks on my care and no money for pleasure and pain. On other news things with my boyfriend are a continually up and down rollercoaster, I really don’t know what to do about them. My sister thinks I need to just forget about him and move on and maybe she’s right but on the other hand its hard for me to let go of someone. Ya know? Oh also I am still having health issues but I’m getting better, oh yeah and I’m having financial aid problems. That is truly another story so I don’t know what to do, looks like I may not finish the year at school. I’m going to be 50 before I get my degree UGH!

Ok now if you haven’t played this game on Facebook then you should its called Cafe Life and I’m slowly getting addicted to it so type Cafe Life into search and BAM! You should get it, its so much fun. What it is, is you own your own cafe and you make lots of yummy things and then you can redecorate your cafe, its a lot of fun.

Ok now one last thing before I float away…hehe! Hasn’t the time gone by so fast I mean who would’ve thought that Thanksgiving is next week I mean it seems like just yesterday I was celebrating my 26th b-day and now Thanksgiving is coming and then Christmas omg! Someone stop time PLEASE!




Theresa Ellis


One thought on “Time flies by when your NOT having fun!

  1. Hey I totally feel ya about the job thing. I’ve been out of a job for like a year now and I have had so much trouble finding another one. It’s really hard cause of this bad recession, plus I got fired from a few too many jobs. I also totally understand where you’re coming from about student loans and shit. I ended up having to drop out of school because I ran out of money and didn’t qualify for any financial aid. College is way too expensive and it’s hard to get it all paid for. Well I hope your life gets better! Oh and I’ll def. check out Cafe Life cause that sounds like a fun (and addicting) game! 🙂

    Yours, Persephone Vlodovic

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