Tis the season to be Jolly….YEAH RIGHT!

Well I know people say tis the season to be jolly but if you really take a look at things people are not so jolly their very mean and rude. Especially mothers when there trying to get a hot holiday toy for their child and they can’t find it and they get all pissy and bitch and YELL at the employees it’s not their fault that YOU didn’t get to the store on time to get it for your child. I mean come on just relax and calm down and get your child something else and tell them on Christmas Day that Santa only made a few of them and he ran out before he could make yours or something like that.

I know this sounds all Bah Humbug but seriously its true and we all know that. I think people who have been in the retail position feels my pain I cannot tell you how many upset people I’ve dealt with that were upset because we didn’t have that certain bra or beauty product in the store. It’s frustrating and upsetting and then the late hours at the mall UGH!

However I will say this getting time to spend with my family is always a good thing EVEN though that one of my family member is still in Japan. I of course love-making cookies with my mom and getting to wrap presents, although I am not that great at wrapping and my sister lets me know this….lol!

Getting to put up the Christmas tree and decorating the house is always fun to, I love looking at our ornaments there always fun. I like how some of them are so old that we were putting them up when I was a little kid. My favorite ornament we have is a Violin that plays Noel, my mom got it because of course I play violin. This ornament is so pretty and the music is just as pretty.

Another good thing is that with me having a boyfriend maybe he’ll kiss me under the mistletoe…hehe! Hey a girl can dream can’t she? Anyways happy holidays everyone!


Theresa I. Ellis


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