I’m family to ya know!

So I want to first start off by saying I AM NOT DISSING THE MILITARY, I am actually very proud of our military I think we have the best in the world and I wish them all the luck in there career. With that being said lets move on.

Now I love my family I do except for the times they drive me nuts and for the past two years my mom has been driving me nuts with the freaking military. It’s always the same military this military that, now I get that she’s proud of my younger brother I do but it seems like his life is more important than the rest of my siblings or myself even. She’s also sending him things she’d NEVER send us if we were away at college or something, oh and also EVERYTIME she meets someone new she’s gotta tell them my younger brother is a marine its like COME ON MOTHER do you really thing someone cares? I highly doubt it! That and she starts talking about Marinemoms.com and the website and meeting mothers there its getting annoying.  It’s almost not fair that she does this to us, and she’s even said if it was reversed I’d do the same thing for you. It’s like UM NO MOM you wouldn’t do the same thing for us so it’s like stop being a hypocrit. Whatever!

Well I don’t know what else to say so Happy Holidays and good bye.


Theresa E.


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