Anti-Valentine is my middle name!

Hello my readers I know you’ve probably missed me and I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be away from you all for so long, but did you miss me? I hope so because I have a lot to say so I want you all to listen.

First off, I started reading an awesome series there’s two books in a series of four it’s called the Fallen Series by Lauren Kate and let me tell you the first two books (Fallen, and Torment) are awesome and such an easy read. However the storyline and just the whole thing is awesome, it’s about fallen angels so its kind of different from the stuff I normally read but I’m really getting into this series and guess what there making Fallen into a movie YAY! Only thing is, is that Disney is producing it which should be…odd? I only say that because the series is darker than anything Disney would normally do. *Shrugs* Oh well!

Ok before I go any further I guess I should say Happy Valentine’s Day EVEN THOUGH I hate this holiday. I really don’t understand why SOME people celebrate this holiday, I mean come on I really don’t need a holiday to tell the man I love that I love him. I guess I hate it to because I never have a V-Day date and I still don’t this year (I’ll address this part in a minute) so I really don’t understand why people feel the need to celebrate it. Again I shrug and say oh well.

Now I said I would address it and I am now, I am single. Yupe you heard (or read) it here first I am single. I broke up with my boyfriend or now exboyfriend about a week ago. Although he’s still in my life, he still wants to be with me and stuff and its kind of annoying because it’s quite obvious that I don’t like him like that but he still wants to see me and everything, whatever he goes back on his word anyways so what’s the point of getting back together with him. He’s such a hypocrite he HUNG UP ON ME, seriously we were in a fight and he HANGS UP ON ME! Now anyone that knows me KNOWS not to do that because that makes me angry, after he did that I’m just like I’m done. Now here’s the kicker he HATES and I mean HATES when someone hangs up on him but it’s like WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST DO? That and he’s like he hates when his friends or whatever cancel plans and it’s like he’s done the same thing to me for THREE MONTHS. That and I just could not take anymore of his I-Don’t-Care-Attitude it was driving me nuts but I’m done with him just wish he’s get the hint and move on.

Another thing that I’ve been getting into is writing, now I am not the greatest writer but I do ok. I am currently in the process of writing a story about a 16yr girl that’s a witch but she doesn’t know it until after her 16th birthday and she lives in Salem Massachusetts. She also meets a new boy who is also a witch or a warlock or a wizard haven’t decided on that part yet. Anyways they fall in love and they work together on honing their powers, and the twist is that the girl has a best guy friend who also falls for her…..inrigued? Well good, I’m just having issues getting inspired to write but I will.

One last thing, I will be looking at new schools this summer with my mom to transfer to I found out from my school that after this semester I can’t get anymore Financial Aid it’s ridiculous in my opinion but there’s nothing I can do. Get a kick out of this my Fin. Aid Counselor basically told me there is nothing she could do for me so go figure.

Anyways I’m tired have a good day and night and Happy Valentine’s Day to all the sickening people in love.




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