Kissing in the rain!!!!

First off I want to say so sorry I haven’t posted for awhile homework and stuff has been occupying my time. A little info before getting to the real reason of this blog, I just found out a couple weeks ago that I am 11 credit hours away from graduating YAY it’s been so long and I so needed this bit of good news. Now anyone who knows me knows I like me some naughty dreams and this is exactly what this post is about. I had this dream in the morning and I wanted to get it down before I forget it, and I’m gonna write it kind of like a story so bear with me.


Theresa is in the kitchen making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (her favorite) when she hears a knock at the door, “Hmm I wonder who that can be?” As she was alone in her house she was the only one to answer it, so walking through the kitchen and into the dining room she went over to open the door she was looking down until the last moment when she looked up and was shocked to see the person that was standing outside, getting scared she closes the door very fast and rests her back against it breathing quite heavily her chest expanding and retracting with every intake of breath. After several moments of this she calmed down enough to open the door and looked Russell in his eyes and managed to get some words out, how she managed to talk was beyond her normal expectancies.

“Russell what are you doing here?” Theresa said still in a state of shock. “I’m here to see you duh!” Russell said back, each word dripping with sarcasm. Smiling she noticed it was raining “Russell it’s raining do you want to come inside?” He smiled back and shook his head “I like the rain remember? Why don’t you come out here and we can spend some time together.” I had to laugh “Russell did you forget that I had pneumonia not too long ago, not to mention I’m wear a white tank top.” Indeed she was wearing a white tank top and Russell shook his head and ignored her comment and just stood there getting wet. Theresa sighed and grabbed her umbrella and opened it up and stepped outside her front door, she covered the two of them with her umbrella and looked him in the face. He smiled at her and raised a hand up and brushed a piece of her hair behind her ear, Theresa turned away from this a little bashful and looked back at him and he pulled her closer to him and pressed his lips against hers. When there lips parted he realized that he had gotten her shirt wet “Oh I’m sorry I got you wet.” Theresa looked down and notice that she could see her white tank top all wet and clinging to her body making her nipples hard and very visible through her shirt. “That’s ok I don’t really mind now.”

He gave her a smile back and then said “We should have sex in the rain.” To which Theresa responded with a “Russell I can’t I have neighbors and they have small kids.” His expression was the look of I-don’t-care, smiling and shaking her head she grabbed his hand throwing her umbrella down on the ground getting her white shirt even wetter as she lead him up her driveway next to her car and into the garage. She threw her wet tank top off and onto the floor, he gulped and she pulled him to her and started to kiss him again…..

I would’ve gone on but the dream kind of ended here, so it’s not so PG-13 but yeah there is some sexual content. I do have this reoccurring dream quite often always the same except this time with rain.  Russell my friend has always talked about having sex in the rain, and after hearing his take on it I do agree it is quite nice, sensual, and sexy. So anyways I hope you enjoyed this and thanks for reading my blog.


Theresa E.


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