June is the best month EVER!

Hi everyone *waves hi* I hope you all have had an exciting time so far enjoying the good and bad weather. It’s been mostly raning in Illinois but what ya gonna do? Anyways I am super sorry for not posting earlier but ya know school and finals and crap just kind of take over my body but the semester is over and I can enjoy summer. Oh you want to know how I did in my classes well I’ll tell you I PASSED BOTH OF MY CLASSES AND I GET TO KEEP MY FINANCIAL AID YAY! I know I’m like still in SHOCK about passing I thought for sure that I was going to fail my Professional Practice for Interior Designer’s class but I pulled a C and so freaking happy about it.

Moving on its June and you know what that means don’t you? Oh come on you must know….I’ll give you a hint I need to find some candles…anything? *sighs* Ok I’ll tell ya..IT’S MY BIRTHDAY JUNE 7TH WHICH IS VERY SOON! Although I can’t deal with the fact that I’m turning 27 I just can’t it’s not right I want to turn 22 again, or 21 anything age but 27…oh well.

The other good news is that my younger brother came home on leave from Japan YAY! I’ve missed him and it’s been weird having him home but I missed him. Yeah he also brought me home japanese legos or as they call them nanoblocks there like little legos that make different things he got me a Violin, a Shiba Inu I think, a Weiner Dog one, and a Pig (his way of calling me fat…lol) yeah he also called me Chubby the first night he was home yeah he likes calling me chubby but oh well. Hmm yeah I don’t know what else to say but um…yeah! Ok so this was short enjoy your week and have fun everyone.

Oh duh! Yeah I had a job interview this past week and it did not go well, it’s ok I kind of didn’t want the job at the store anyways but yeah ok have fun.




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