It’s the haunting hour!

Wow two posts in one day, must be a record for me…hehe!

Um yeah so school is being tough and I’m getting through it but well ya know school work = stress level at an all time high. Well anyways some of you will notice my theme changed, well actually wordpress updated the Dusk theme I had before and I gotta say I’m loving the new theme. What do you all think?

I kind of this it’s perfect since it’s October and Halloween is coming up.

Oh yeah can I say I L-O-V-E Halloween! I seriously love everything about Halloween or otherwise known as All Hallows Eve! I love the history of it and I love how it became what it is today and I love seeing all the cute costumes its just so much fun. Now I know I’m a crazy person to love Halloween but I mean come on who doesn’t love Halloween? You get to dress up, be spooky, get free candy come on it’s the best holiday in the world and I’ve always wished my birthday was on Halloween but it’s not 😦 ! Hehe my mom think I’ll have a Halloween wedding which will be totally awesome to be married on Halloween but I don’t think I’d do it.

But I do like the idea of having a gothic wedding! I also love Halloween for the spookiness, being scared and paranoid thinking something is out to get you I mean come on how fun is that?

The funny thing to is that I have a black cat name tippy (the tip of his tail is white) and he absolutely hates Halloween I kid you not he gets so depressed because he is a black cat and people are scared of him. It’s quite sad because people stereotype black cats because there devil’s servers or something and my tippy is so not like that. How this all started was that we do a window every year (for a while we had a Harry Potter themed window all our neighbors loved it) and one year he decided he was going to jump up and sit in the window. Now tippy can sit very still to where it looks like he’s not moving and that’s what he did he sat very still and when a little girl was going past our window she looked up and tippy moved and she screamed bloody murder saying that cat moved. I was outside handing the candy out because I like to do that and I told her yes he moves he’s a real cat. So I brought him (or my sister did) outside and let the kids touch and pet him and they were ok with that. But other than that tipping absolutely hates Halloween he really does get depressed it’s kinda funny in a way.

BTW black cats are the sweetest things ever, they have such sweet personalities because no one will buy them because they are black.

Oh yeah for a while to we weren’t giving candy out and we’d give little things out and one year we gave play-doh out and oh my goodness everyone loved it! We’d get the trick-or-treaters come up to me and be like “OH MY GOD YOUR THE PLAY-DOH HOUSE!” Or we were the Harry Potter house like all my neighbors went crazy over the play-doh and the Harry Potter themed window. But with the last movie done and over with my mom decided to do a different window this year’s based on Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven.

On a side not I went to an elementary school named Poe! Random I know but that’s me 🙂

Ok well off to bed really!




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