The friends I’ve made and lost along the way!

Hello everyone, I know I’ve been a little mia lately but I’ve been dealing with school and getting ready to start my job. Yes I start on Wednesday the 28th, this will really test my super powers on how much I can handle because for people who know me I do not handle stress very well. So other than that nothing new to really report just trying to get through things the best way I can. I have my family and friends to thank for that. Even though I have the support of my family and friends I still miss some of my friends I lost over the time. For instance I had a friend in High School I was really close with her name was Beth and we were really good friends until my former guy friend Carey *shudders* ruined that for me. I told him some things in confidence over an IM and he goes and tells Beth, well needless to say Beth didn’t want anything to do with my after that  and I also found out Carey was never my friend to begin with so I stopped talking to him and he had that Gaul to try and get my older brother AND my mother to try and get them to ask them why I wasn’t talk to him anymore. He tried contacting me at my college where he also attended and I ignored him. That’s one instance where I miss [Beth] the friend greatly and deeply. But I moved on.

The ones that get me are the ones I’ve known for little less than I knew Beth, this other friend I know we’ll call her Trina.* Now  me and Trina had similar tastes in music and we are both random and I thought we were going to be friends for a very long time….that is until someone new came into the picture. This new person we’ll call her Rachael* I was also friends with well it turns out Trina and Rachael began spending more and more time together and eventually became a couple of some kind. Now I was casted out by them for no reason at all, and they have said some mean things to me and mostly lies and blasted them all over a website where everyone can see them. Now Trina didn’t have my back when all this was going on and may I remind you we’ve known each other for two years, now you might ask why didn’t she defend you? I asked her the same question, but it seems that her relationship with Rachael was more important than her friendship with me. How messed up is that? Now I understand relationships I do and you want to hold onto that person for as long as you can but lovers come and go but your friends will always be there and you’ll never be alone but when you spread lies and hurt them so bad that you lose that friend then you’d truly be alone when your lover leaves you. Now it seemed Rachael didn’t want to be with Trina anymore so they spilt up and Trina was heart-broken and I admit I talked to her I probably shouldn’t but even though we’re not friends anymore I still care for her, anyways in this talk I said something like ‘Yeah you lost me as a friend!’ She said I know or something like that and then she even ADMITS that Rachael has lost her friends….what kind of a person does that?

So I was perusing Trina’s page or whatever one day and come to find out that I guess her and Rachael are back together now I have to ask WHY? She broke your heart once what’s stopping her from doing it again? Not to mention she cost you friends, she treated you like crap and you were too blind to see it. She treated your friends like crap and blasted lies about a friend you’ve known for TWO YEARS! WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU EVER GO BACK TO HER?!?!?!?!? It’s just not right, but I do hope Trina sees Rachael for her true colors and can get out while she can, it’ll be a shame when she does realize this because I wont be there to pick up the pieces. I can forget but I can’t forgive her for what she had done to me, it was really bad so bad that I filed a cyber bullying report with my local police enforcement something I didn’t think I’d ever do but I had to do what’s right and I still think I made the right decision.

Now enough of them because they have been cut out of my life permanently and I shouldn’t dwell on that. I am still happy with the friends I have made, some of them have been a real crutch to lean on. I have many really good friends and I want to thank them all for being there for me. I love them all and I’m glad that even though I have flaws I know they’ll always be there for me. So I thank them for being my friend and I hope we’ll be friends until time ends. I may not talk to them as much and I miss them like hell especially my best friend in the world Alex (girl) but I still love her I just wish she’d contact me sometime. Anyways I love them all new and old friends and friends I know I’ll surely meet in the future. So with that I’ll say goodnight for Supergirl has homework to do in the morning and I hate doing it…hehe. Bye everyone.



*Names have been changed to protect their identity.


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