Things are spiraling out of control!

Well awhile ago I had mentioned I got a job, well not that’s a load of crap because I do not in fact have a job again! If you want to know what happened then here it is. I was employed by a company called charming CHARLIE and I was told I’d be a temporary associate to see how it fits, well I took that to meaning I’d work for them for a few months and then they’d decided on whether they were keeping me or not. Sadly I’ve been mistaken, I only worked four days for them FOUR days and then they let me go! It’s horrible so now I am out looking for a job again. Why the hell did you even hire me if I was going to be let go of after four days? It’s stupid if you ask me but whatever!

Anyways there’s that and I’m dealing with school stuff and getting overwhelmed with the school work and such. I just need some way to relax…hehe I know how! Only joking…I think!

I’m also still alone, no boyfriend no husband…nothing! I feel so lonely sometimes.

Oh yeah my older brother has been cooking dinner lately, well periodically and it’s been disastrous ever since. Like every time he cooks something it’s A. Something I don’t like or B. I get sick off of it. The last meal he made was pork chops well the idiot didn’t cook the pork chop all the way and all of our pork chops were medium rare, and he BLAMED his chef (oh yeah forgot to mention he’s attending a culinary arts school) and said that his chef said to do it that way. COME ON! It’s common sense to cook meat ALL the way not part-way, not half-way, ALL THE WAY!

I don’t I digress but I did get sick after I ate it so go figure.

Well I’m tired and I have a s**t load of homework to get done this week night!





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