Day 2: Thing a Day Blogger Challenge!

So it’s day two and I’ve done this a few times because I don’t have anything to hide from anyone, but I guess since this question is about myself then I better do it right? Well here goes.


Day 2: Nine things about yourself.

1. I’m a sarcastic person, some people hate it but other people find me funny.

2. I’m a virgin, I know it’s lame for being 27 years old but I guess because I’m plus size not too many guys want to date someone of my….physice.

3. I’m terrible at spelling, I know I am and I know I sometimes have grammar issues but I am very good at English.

4. I haven’t dated much, much for the reason number 2.

5. I’m studying Interior Design, I’m hoping to be done in another year or so.

6. I use to play the violin, I still do and I do own my own instrument but I’m nowhere near where I use to be.

7. To me I think I have a case of acute depression, at certain times I get really depress where I want to kill myself and I shy away from everyone and I don’t talk to anyone.

8. I watch way too much t.v. and I like it.

9. I love to read, and I like to read everything I can try to get my hands on. I am looking for new stuff to read so if anyone knows some good books let me know….lol


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