Things might be looking up!

So things might be looking up for me, I have two job interviews coming up. One is this Thursday August ninth the other one is next Wednesday on the fifteenth. Hopefully one of these will be yeses. Cross your fingers!

Anyways I say this a lot because its true, I’m not the greatest cook in the world I don’t pretend to be but I do what I can when I do cook. I’m a baker I bake like no tomorrow and I can do breakfast okay but I mostly bake. My cookies are to die for apparently and I make a good pumpkin chai cheesecake with caramel rum sauce.

But other than that I am not a cook. So I made dinner tonight I don’t normally cook because…well look above anyways I made pork chops and I breaded them with some Italian breadcrumbs, flour, salt, and pepper and I did okay for cooking pork like that for the first time. I also made some mashed potatoes (from a box) and we had some left over sides I pulled out it was a nice little dinner.

So what does my sister and her ridiculous boyfriend do? They ordered pizza, its like HELLO I WENT OUT OF MY WAY TO MAKE DINNER AND YOU’RE NOT EVEN GOING TO EAT IT!?!?!?!?! They are always complaining that no one makes dinner in the house besides them but yet when someone does (like me or my older bro) they don’t eat it.

I personally find it rude and disrespectful and a waste of food. They are always talking about respect and how they don’t seem to be getting it in the house well HELLO how do you expect someone to respect you when you don’t respect them.

That and I understand they’re mad about me about this stupid fight but I don’t deserve to be treated like I’m nothing and that I don’t exist. Whatever I hope they move out soon.


I’m saying night before I go on and on.


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