I’m falling for Autumn!

It’s been awhile since I blogged last, I was going crazy…well okay that’s a lie I wasn’t but I was looking for a job (yupe still unemployed) I’ve had job interviews here and there but nothing so far. It’s so frustrating, know what I mean?

So it’s fall, the leaves changing color, t.v. shows come back for last seasons, new seasons, and new series. The holiday season is almost upon us, to which my favorite holiday is coming up…HALLOWEEN!

I love Halloween, getting to wear costumes knocking on strangers doors and demanding they give you free stuff I mean what’s better than that? It’s not only that but the history of Halloween and how it originated also makes me interested in it, it’s such a rich holiday. I should move on because I know once I get started on something I can keep going and I’ve got more to say…tragic I know.

So almost a month ago I got a visit from an out-of-town guess, but first I need to give a bit of a back story for you to understand it. So I meet this guy (yeah a guy) in this game I play called Second Life, we meet about a year ago. We never really talked and I mostly talked to his best friend well just recently this year we were getting closer and started talking and hanging out more (in SL) and we started role playing me, him, and our mutual friend. Well at the time when I was dating his friend which I know is crazy to say that I was dating someone in a game but I’ve done it before, anyways we started to role play and I guess the roleplay we were doing the two of us (me and Allen) and I guess we developed feelings for each other.

Now here’s where it gets bad about May is when we started dating and I kind of broke up with our mutual friend to date him. I know it’s horrible but me and our friend were heading south he just didn’t want to talk or hang out with me which is why I got closer with Allen. By the way his name is Allen.

So this brings me to present time and the fact that Allen who lives in New Hampshire and is much younger than me (though that doesn’t bother him) has visited me here in Illinois not once but twice. Yeah he like just let the first of this month, and I already miss him. So anyways I have to say this…ALLEN IS MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!

I know it’s weird but he is, I love him a lot and well when he was here the second time we…well I did something for the first time that I never thought I’d do. No my virginity is still in tact but he did…um…*blushes.* I know I’d have a guy friend of mine say good you needed it (rolls eyes) because to him I need to have sex.

Moving on, I love Allen deeply we talk every night on yahoo messenger and it works for us being able to talk and see each other even though we’re in different states. It sucks though because the second time he was here was for a week and a half and we cuddle like every night he was here and I miss that deeply. That and getting to kiss him and be silly with him.

Normally I don’t go for long distance relationships because I always end up getting hurt, but with him it’s different. I can actually do it with him and yeah it’s hard but when we do get to be with each other it’s great. He’s a nerd which is fine with me because so am I, we have so much in common it’s scary.

We can also literally read each others minds and finish each others sentences it’s even scarier. He makes me laugh which is so important to me and as corny and cheesy some of the things he says to me it makes me all giddy on the inside and super happy like a little school girl.

He makes me blush to even if he doesn’t notice it….

I can talk to him about anything and he gets me and understands me and I love him very much for it, that and he wants to spoil me rotten even though I wont let him.

I’m too independent for my own good….

HOWEVER he bought me a diamond candle and as much as I didn’t want him to (unless it’s like for Christmas) I’m super excited for it to come. I can’t wait to burn it and find my diamond ring in it.


Alright I guess that yawn means it’s time for bed since it’s 2:23am my time. Night everyone.


Theresa I. Ellis

P.S. I’m STILL without a computer hopefully I can get one soon.


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