I’m Trapped can anyone HELP ME!?!?!?!?


So things have not been going okay for me, well I mean the only good thing that has happened to me has been that I have a job…about time to. I’m just a seasonal associate but hey money is money.

Anyways my younger brother came home from the Military and it’s been HORRIBLE since he came home I hate it. I mean it was bad that when he wasn’t here for me and now that he’s back it’s like ten times worse. I’m getting more crap from him and my sister than I’ve ever had in my entire life.

I’m feeling trapped with no way out.

So awhile ago I was down using my dad’s computer because mine is still dead (oh well) and I was already down here and didn’t feel like leaving and I heard my sister and her boyfriend having sex. It’s like really? They boy knew I was down here using my dad’s computer, I digress. Anyways I told my mom about it and my sister was standing in the stair well to the basement steps listening to me and my mom talk. Now I wasn’t complaining I wasn’t, it’s just it seems to happen a lot to me everywhere I go someone is having sex around me whether it’s in reality or virtual reality or when I’m in the room I have to hear people having sex. I’m like a magnet for it. So anyways I was saying it JOKINGLY to my mom about it because it’s funny in a way. However it’s also like really? Aren’t you the slightest bit embarrass that I could hear you? I would be.

Anyways Wednesday night I heard my sister and my brother complaining about how I complained about the sex thing. I wasn’t complaining about it I was joking about it. They both said I have no respect for them or anyone else.

You want to talk about respect? I have none in my house no one respects me, and my sister is ALWAYS complaining about how I butt into her conversations and how she has no privacy well excuse me but you did the same thing to me when I was talking to my mom. So it’s like its okay for her to do something but not me.

Oh yes I overheard my sister say something that really upset me, now the boy (I call the boyfriend that) has visited me twice since we’ve started dating. Both times my sister didn’t even TRY to get to know him no she just writes him off from appearance. So Wednesday night I heard her say and I quote to my younger brother “I can’t wait for you to meet him he’s a fucking retard.”

That’s not right to him or to me, oh and she said something about how I please myself to him when I talk to him on yahoo messenger which is not true by any means. She has this thing in her head that when I’m using my dad’s computer I’m looking at porn and I’m not.

Anyways my sister has no right to say that about the boy, he did absolutely nothing to piss my sister off, and for her to sit there and disrespect him like that is not right. Once again I digress.

I’ve also done nothing and I mean NOTHING for my sister and my younger brother to hate me and yet they do. It’s not fair I don’t deserve this and I just don’t know what to do.

I’m feeling trapped with no way out.


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