Is it June yet?

I want to apologize for not updating since like Jan. I’ve been busy working and school and practically getting fired from my new job…yeah I know! So let me get things straight before I start going off like I normally do, I left Best Buy last month because I kept asking them if I was going to be kept on and I kept getting the run around an no one would give me a straight answer so I started looking for a new job and I found one. I was looking on career builder and found a job for a place called Floor and Décor so I applied and I got the job. Yupe its in my field even though I’m a cashier but still, anyways it’s been hell, I keep getting in trouble for the most stupid things ever and its like are they trying to get me to quit? I was telling the boy (Allen) that I should’ve stayed at Best Buy, but if this place fires me I think I can get my job back at Best Buy mainly because I didn’t leave on a sour note so that’s good.

Moving on, my sister’s boyfriend left the house. I’m not quite sure what happened but one night everyone was just yelling for whatever reason I could not tell you. I was just talking to my boyfriend on Skype and all of a sudden my sister just started yelling at my younger brother. It was Monday night and I work somewhat early ever Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and they were still yelling at like 1am central time, anyways I go down to tell them to shut up so I can get to sleep my sister’s boyfriend yelled at me and I asked nicely. Like WTF? Whatever.

So Friday night I had to move my car because my sister needed to go somewhere whatever! My mom had parked behind me and I didn’t know it I couldn’t see her car on the side of mine so I thought someone had used it and I was wrong and backed into her car…she starts going off on me when HELLO MOTHER YOU PARKED IN MY BLIND SPOT! Whatever!

Ok enough ranting and onto why I titled this blog the way I did!

So I’ve been asked by the boyfriend a lot if its June yet? I keep telling him “No honey it’s not.”


Yupe he’s going to come and visit me for my birthday and I’m super excited…I just wish it was June already I can’t wait to have him hold me in his arms and kiss me again.

He’s so sweet the other night on Skype we were talking about getting a place together, I asked him if he would really get a place with me and he said “Believe me I want to get a place with you.”

Is that not the sweetest thing ever? I love him so much and I hate we’re states apart…Le Sigh!


lol end of rants and I’m off to go be me.

Bye everyone!


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