I’m spinning out of control!

I feel as though I’m spinning out of control most days. It’s not something I like to feel but what can I do? I mean so far things have been going pretty well I have a job and I love it except for stupid customers but you get that everywhere I suppose. Things with Allen are going okay, but I miss him so much that it hurts, I just can’t live without him and even though I’m doing it now it still makes my heart hurts.  I just hope he can move here soon enough. Though I’ve had other things to make my heart hurt, about a month ago we had to put down my beloved dog A.J. I miss him everyday but he was an old dog and it was time for him to go even if it still hurts. We’ve also lost a cat as well, he got out and we think he was either killed by a car or some kids might’ve killed him. He was a cute little kitten and we miss him everyday and wished that he’s still alive and he comes home soon…though we fear he wont.


Just all the pain and loss is a lot for one person to take in a year isn’t it? I mean I may not even get to go to school and I have no money all the time and I just can’t take it anymore. Though what choice do I have?

Also I realized today when I was watching t.v. that a year ago my sister’s dog bit my upper lip which resulted in me having stitches.  It’s better now but I can still remember that day.

Well as this tornado keeps spinning out of control I leave you all…


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